Nikola’s Rollout of Hydrogen Trucks Is Hitting Supply-Chain Hurdles

The company says supplier deliveries have been slow, pushing the manufacturer to spend more on airfreight

Supply-chain shortages are slowing the rollout of Nikola’s hydrogen-powered big rigs.

Steve Girsky, Nikola’s chief executive, says a shortage of pressurized fuel tanks and electric batteries is delaying production of the newest zero-emission technology for truckers.

The hangups are hitting as demand for zero-emission big rigs grows, especially in California, where new emissions regulations and generous grants are making the Class 8, heavy-duty trucks more attractive.

“Right now, California has got tailwinds,” Girsky said. “We could have sold a lot more than 35 trucks in the fourth quarter if we didn’t have supply-chain issues. I think we could sell a lot more than 30 to 35 in the first quarter if we didn’t have supply-chain issues.”

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