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New York City is where dreams barely survive, but empires sure thrive. It’s a jumble of million-dollar brownstones and fast-spreading gentrified neighborhoods. The latter was the primary cause of the city’s steady population spike during the pandemic. Despite falling considerably in subsequent years, the city remains home to over eight million people.

About 220,000 businesses serve the inhabitants of this city and surrounding areas. Companies don’t have the liberty to move to gentrified and well-maintained areas like SoHo and the Upper West Side, even though people can do so easily.

As your boss in NYC, you’re no stranger to the following logistical nightmares:

  • Storage spaces with limited capacity
  • Rents verging on daylight robbery
  • Last-mile delivery costs

What you need is a 3PL warehouse you can rely on to help you maintain efficiency in terms of delivery and costs.

What Can a Local 3PL Warehouse Provider Do for You?

First, a 3PL warehouse supplier with operations in New York City will be familiar with the area, which gives them a significant geographical advantage over non-local competitors.

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Maximize Your Space

Have you resorted to turning prime business locations into storage spaces? Space out your storage by placing them in 3PL warehouses across the city. Spreading your storage across metro areas, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and so on, will minimize your overhead costs and make for more efficient business operations.

Quick Delivery

NYC is nothing if not a convoluted network of streets laid out in organized chaos that only local 3PL providers will understand. They can use this know-how to deliver to your customers on a bike, van, or, in some cases, drone (now you know what they are for!).

Same-Day Deliveries

A 3PL warehouse worth its weight will know enough local carriers to facilitate same-day delivery to your customers. The credit for that will, of course, go directly to your company.

Scaling Your Fulfillment Needs

New York City is one of the most diverse places on the planet. Thus, it sees more changes in demand than a small town in New Jersey. Be it Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali, or Eid, a local 3PL provider will help you scale your warehousing needs according to the increase or decrease in demand.

All Our 3PL Warehousing Services in New York City

A Facility Near a Body of Water in New York City
A Warehousing Operation for Speedy Transportations

LogiCore helps you find the right warehouse in New York City by filtering warehouses by services, certification, location, additional services, and commodities.

We have warehouses in NYC for all the following services—learn how they adapt to the city’s environment and challenges.

Crane/Heavy Load

Storing and handling large equipment is something other than what typical warehouses can manage. However, those specifically advertising cranes and heavy loads as their specialty will have the tall ceilings, rooftops, open yards, and overall capacity to manage this feat.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for construction, manufacturing, and event production businesses.

E-Commerce/Order Fulfillment

E-commerce thrives in NYC, and so does the delivery crisis. Although real estate remains expensive, order fulfillment centers have sprung up to bridge the gap, helping businesses store inventory and fulfill orders in an organized and timely manner.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for any business with an online store.

Food Grade/Beverage

These warehouses maintain several hygiene protocols, so you don’t have to. They are responsible for pest control, sanitation, and ventilation. Not only that, but they also prevent cross-contamination by separating your inventory by food category. These facilities are generally dry and ambient, so temperature control is applied to some of the inventory. Pick a nearby facility for quick access, just in case you need it.

This 3PL warehouse system will tremendously benefit beverage and food production companies, restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, and online food delivery providers.


Like food and beverage warehouses, these warehouses must be located near you for easy access. Choose wisely only about location. All LogiCore warehouse listings have special freezing units to maintain the recommended storage temperature for different product categories. Rest assured, these facilities will segregate units to prevent odor transfer.

Pharma companies, food producers, and distributors of consumable goods ought to find this 3PL storage solution desirable.

General Cargo

For example, general cargo helps companies produce and ship apparel, furniture, electronics, office supplies, sports equipment, and other non-perishable products. These items might seem small, but they might end up being the only thing keeping your life together.

As we just mentioned, this 3PL warehouse service is perfect for businesses needing storage for several non-perishable goods.

Hazmat Chemical

Hazmat and chemical storage are risky businesses with appropriately strict regulations for the warehouses offering them. Although the pickings are slim, they are as close as your nearest designated areas in New York City.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for chemical manufacturers, waste management companies, and oil and gas companies.


There is plenty of tech business in NYC. Over 10,000 local businesses operate directly in tech, with several more having not-so-direct links to technology and innovation. The warehouses for these businesses feature equally innovative security and climate control measures.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for electronics manufacturers, medical device companies, and computer and telecommunication companies.

Inventory Control

If you prioritize inventory control above all else, this is your service. These warehouses optimize storage space and have an all-encompassing inventory control system for efficient tracking and delivery.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for businesses needing direct stock tracking and management access.

Jumbo Bagging/Bulk Loading

Jumbo bagging and bulk loading specialists differ from your average baggers and loaders. They use special methods to save space when storing jumbo bags, possess efficient loading systems, and specialize in just-in-time deliveries despite their unwieldy loads.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for businesses dealing in bulk quantities of construction materials, foodstuffs, and chemicals.

A Bottom-up Shot of New York City Skyscrapers
Skyscrapers Some of Which House Businesses Needing Jumbo Bagging and Bulk Loading Services


Kitting is a special warehousing service that involves correctly assembling a set of items in a “kit” to ship to your customers. It improves order fulfillment and reduces picking errors, as everything is in one location.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for producers assembling products from various components, subscription box companies, and hardware stores.

Pick and Pack

Pick-and-pack warehouses reduce the labor and shipping costs involved in picking ordered items from their locations, packing them securely, and getting them to your customers. They do it all, so you don’t have to entrust each task to a separate party.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for those fulfilling orders from their current inventory. Therefore, it is often paired with e-commerce/fulfillment warehousing.


Forbes listed New York’s top 15 healthcare companies as the top employers by state in 2023. Pharma and healthcare warehouses only made up a fraction of these companies’ employees, but boy, were they critical to their efficiency! These temperature-controlled storage areas save lives for your clients while bringing in earnings for your company.

Pharmaceutical companies, medical device developers, and healthcare facilities (hospitals and clinics) will all profit greatly from this 3PL storage service.

Transloading/Cross Docking

New York City is called the “Transportation Hub of America” because of its efficient cross-docking and trans-loading warehouses. They enable speedy goods unloading and transportation to their final destinations.

This 3PL warehouse service is perfect for businesses needing to move their products as quickly as possible from a transit hub.

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You have every 3PL Warehouse in a three-thirty-mile radius you may need on the LogiCore platform. The only thing left to do is ensure accurate quotes to keep it as cost-friendly as possible with your new 3PL warehouse partner.

Go into as much detail as possible about your warehousing and fulfillment requirements. Discuss your inventory size, weight, and packaging requirements. By going the extra mile, you’ll ensure transparent communication with your warehouse provider and guarantee a positive customer experience. 

Choose a 3PL warehouse in New York that can scale with your growing business and provide additional services as needed. Please find it in our user-friendly directory.

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