Making E-commerce Fulfillment
in New York Look Easy

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Most e-commerce businesses choose New York as their warehousing and order fulfillment hub because of their wider target audience. If anyone with internet access can buy their products, then they must be located close enough to fulfill their orders—it’s a game of odds, plain and simple.

With a population of nearly 20 million, New York is the fourth most-populated state in the US. Thus, you can expect many of your orders to come from NYC and the metro area.

Having said that, fulfilling orders in New York can be a challenge due to the high cost of space and labor. This is where you’ll need third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

What is E-commerce Fulfillment?

E-commerce fulfillment is the process of storing, picking, packing, and shipping orders to customers.

3PL providers offer the following fulfillment services:


3PL providers can store your inventory in their warehouses, which can be spread across the state to reduce shipping costs.

Order Fulfillment

When a customer places an order on your website, the 3PL provider will pick up the items from the warehouse, pack them, and ship them to the customer.

Processing Returns

3PL providers can also handle returns processing, which can be a time-consuming and complex task.

How to Choose a 3PL Provider
in New York

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There are a number of New York-based 3PL providers to choose from at LogiCore. Here’s what you should consider when mulling your options:

  • The size and weight of your products
  • Your order volume
  • Your budget
  • The geographic locations of your customers

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing a 3PL provider at LogiCore:


 Choose a 3PL provider with industry-specific experience—we have our services spaced out by Industry for this very reason.


Choose a 3PL provider with a tech infrastructure that can integrate with your shopping cart and other business systems.

Customer service

Choose a 3PL provider with a reputation for excellent customer service. If they’re attentive to you, they’ll be attentive to your customers and a deserving extension of your business’s customer experience.

Local 3PL Needs for New York’s E-commerce Sector

There are several 3PL needs specific to the e-commerce sector in New York. The following may sound familiar:

Same-day and Next-day Delivery

 New York customers are accustomed to fast shipping, and so are businesses. There’s a reason Amazon relies on same-day deliveries to boost its profits: it brings in more orders.

Fulfillment for Small Businesses

With 62.7%of companies in New York qualifying as small businesses, you can expect a sizeable portion of them to provide e-commerce services. 3PL providers offer fulfillment services that are affordable for your small business.

Partner with a 3PL provider at LogiCore that meets your standards, industry standards, and every criterion on our platform.

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