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Warehouse Management ,Order Management, Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) , Kitting and Order Fulfillment, Reverse Logistics, Cross Dock and Long Term Storage Solutions



15501 Heron Avenue, , La Mirada, CA, 90638

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The Lynn Forwarding Advantage

Experienced facility management teams
Customizable solutions
State of the art technology solutions
Robust WMS systems allow for product visibility through complete warehouse life cycle, from order entry through warehousing, routing and delivery
Supports non-tracked and tracked SKU models
Supports direct picking and FIFO models
Maintains accurate inventory counts to the location and SKU levels
Management of inventory for allocation, pick, pack and shipping
Significantly reduces product cycle throughput time
Improves customer satisfaction with more efficient delivery windows
Reduces storage requirements and inventory investments

Additional Details

Parking Space: No

Clear Height: No

Dock Doors: No

Rail: NO

Available Capacity Sq. Ft:


  • icon Pick and Pack
  • icon Kitting
  • icon Transloading/Cross Docking
  • icon E-Commerce/Order Fulfillment
  • icon Inventory Control



  • icon Industrial Goods
  • icon Medical Equipment
  • icon Coffee/Tea
  • icon Luxury & fashion
  • icon General Freight
  • icon Liquids/Beverages

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